What’s Happening…


15th September 2015:

There will be a book signing event, held at Waterstones Bookshop, Derby.   

sheila_Rowbotham pics_James-swinson-max_221-8638c2d00cce8fbf6660d038128c228a
Sheila Rowbotham


Chloe Mason London 2014
Chloë Mason






Sheila Rowbotham (above), will be present to sign copies of her book:


“The Friends of Alice Wheeldon” 


As will Chloë Mason, great-granddaughter of Alice Wheeldon who is visiting the UK, from Australia.

The following evening (16th September 2015), at 17.15, from the Guildhall,  there will be a guided walk, which will take you to various locations, not far from the town centre, relevant to Alice’s story.

This is a unique opportunity, due to the presence and involvement of experts on the life of Alice Wheeldon.

The walk takes approximately 2 hours, and is not strenuous. A degree of fitness is required, however, as there will also be time standing/listening.

For details of this unique occasion…please see our events page: thank you

Pentrich Update:

Thursday 30th July, 6 – 8 pm, Walk from Nottingham Contemporary:


at Weekday Cross, NG1 2GB, around the sites of the Pentrich rebellion and the struggle for justice and the vote in Nottingham, led by Roger Tanner and Chris Richardson. Includes an exhibition of the art of the aristocracy (from Chatsworth).


Wednesday 9th September, 6 – 8pm,  part of the fringe events for the exhibition, Clarion Choir and friends lead an evening of song and word, telling the story of the struggle for justice of the people, against e.g the Dukes of Devonshire who monopolised power as well as culture.


Thursday 24th September, 10am, walk from South Wingfield (5 miles) following in the footsteps of the Pentrich rebels (part of the Erewash and Amber valley walking festival).


fgRXUXb2_400x400.jpg Matt Burnett-Stuart

See the link below (click on it) to read Matt Burnett-Stuart’s report of the recent “Arming All Sides” event in Derby…what a great evening