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Alice Wheeldon’s Story…as it unfolds

Alice Wheeldon - a brave and principled local woman who was scapegoated by the Government of the time. Please read on to learn more about Alice's story
Alice Wheeldon – a brave and principled local woman who was scapegoated by the Government of the time. Please read on to learn more about Alice’s story

A bit of local context:

In May, 2013, the City of Derby recognised the circumstances behind Alice’s treatment by the Government of the time and a blue plaque was dedicated to her memory and her courageous stance as a person of conscience in relation to war.

Watch a video showing the full coverage of the Blue Plaque Ceremony in Derby on 1 May, with speeches by the Mayor of Derby, Lisa Higginbottom; Normanton Ward Councillor, Hardyal Dhindsa; Derby Civic Society, Alan Grimadell, and Alice Wheeldon’s great granddaughters, Deirdre & Chloë Mason.

01st May 2014,  saw the Rededication of Alice’s Blue Plaque

There was a walk and also a bike ride to celebrate

The Alice Wheeldon Walk:

This is something we offer, from time to time, and in October 2014 we were especially fortunate that the walk included Chloë Mason. There is the option of a self-guided walk…

You can undertake a self-guided walk, by downloading this leaflet:



The leaflet tells Alice’s story in brief, and gives information on relevant places of interest.

STOP PRESS: you will also be able to undertake a self-guided bicycle ride (at your own risk of course) using the information and links further below…but you are strongly encouraged to join in our next celebratory event on 03rd May – thanks

Deirdre & Chloë Mason the great-granddaughters of Alice Wheeldon frequently visit the UK:

Chloë Mason said, in 2014: “The campaign to clear the names of Alice Wheeldon and our grandparents, Alf and Win Mason, takes on a new relevance as our countries prepare themselves to fight another foreign war. Alice Wheeldon stood up for what she believed in, defying the full resources of the Government being deployed against her. Her story illustrates how “In war, truth is the first casualty,”

The following site is extremely worth a visit:

Browse around here or go, specifically, to:

It includes, under the site  heading “Posters, Poems & Stories” in a drop down menu:                 Poster #3: ALICE WHEELDON WAS A PROPHET, a detailed account of Alice’s story.

The Alice Wheeldon (self-led bike) ride:

clarion-cycling-club-header-_402x193    derby Cycling Group

You can do this any time you like if you follow the information set out below, in downloadable form…just a small click away…

All documents here will download to your PC, when you click on them:

A W Ride 2015 flyer

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