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Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Labour History Socie

Edward Carpenter: A Utopian in North Derbyshire

                                A talk by Sally Goldsmith and Rony Robinson

2.00 pm, Saturday 30th January 2016

(tea served from 1.30 pm)

Friends’ Meeting House,

27 Ashgate Road, CHESTERFIELD, S40 4AG.


Rony Robinson           Rony_Robinson




Goldsmith-Sally.jpg-260x260Sally Goldsmith have both been interested in Carpenter for many years – indeed it was one of the things that brought them together!

Rony is a writer and much loved broadcaster on Radio Sheffield. He has published several novels for children and adults and over one hundred stage and radio plays. His mother and ILP member grandfather met Carpenter.

Sally Goldsmith is a poet, songwriter, scriptwriter and historian who has won many prizes and awards. She is currently writing a book about St George’s Farm, a communitarian experiment funded by John Ruskin and known to Carpenter.

Note from HB : Edward Carpenter lived at Millthorpe near Barlow from 1883 to 1922.  It is an area which is currently covered by the Dronfield and District Labour Party. During his time at Millthorpe in 1893 he became a founder member of the Independent Labour Party (ILP) ; a body which was itself to help shape the establishment of the Labour Party.

In Shelia Rowbotham’s book “Edward Carpenter : A Life of Liberty and Love”, she writes that he “struggles in to Dronfield and other places for provisions…He was hounded by a member of the right-wing Liberty and Property Defence League…who lived at nearby Dronfield…women in Dronfield were threatening to waylay and mob Carpenter when he came back home…”. He once stood for the Holmesfield Parish Council but was defeated being “accused of working on the Sabbath, advocating the burning of the Bible, as well as proposing to raise the rates”.

Rony and Sally will explain what he was really like. Amongst his many accomplishments, he wrote this song –   

Normanton Barracks C1982

Chloë Mason and Pete Greenfield emailed recently about these pictures…Alice Wheeldon and others may well have had “associations” with this site in Derby, which is now Foresters Leisure Park…apparently all that remains – betraying its military associations, is one of the boundary walls – on Sinfin Lane…

Normanton Barracks N Barracks

To End All Wars

Exhibition at Working Class Movement Library, Salford

The Library’s new exhibition To End All Wars marks the centenary of the introduction of conscription in early 1916.  The north-west had a vigorous anti-war movement from 1914 onwards. This exhibition looks at some of those involved, both men and women, who fought for peace. Bill Chadwick from Westhoughton and Hugh Hutchinson from Bolton, whose stories were previously known only to their families, can now take their place amongst more famous names. Documents from the Hyde branch of the No-Conscription Fellowship, a unique collection held by the Library, are also on display. This is an alternative narrative of the war that deserves to be remembered as much as we commemorate those who fought and died.

The exhibition is open Wednesdays to Fridays 1-5pm, and will run until Easter 2016.